How safe is your Manicure

One survey found that British women spend on average £450 a year on their nails. But for some, that money has brought them nothing but regret.

That chemical is Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) and is so potent and poisonous that it’s banned in America –  but not here in the UK. It can cause permanent damage and allergic reactions.

  • A substance called methyl methacrylate is often used by budget salons
  • So strong it’s used in concrete and as cement in hip replacements
  • It can cause permanent nail damage and severe allergic reactions 
  • Experts are now calling for better greater regulation within the nail industry

For the last 10 years hairdresser Tracey Harrod has had acrylic nail extensions – false tips, fixed to the natural nails with acrylic glue. But visits to budget salons have left her paying the price.

According to Dr David Orton, from The British Association of Dermatologists: ‘The allergies can cause problems in the skin around the nail – ectopic sites, problems with tingling and exacerbation of people’s asthma.’

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Manicure Extractor for filtering harmful dust and fumes:

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